Genius Of Time - Juno Jam (Running Back)

With the summer lull upon us, we're twiddling our thumbs a bit while the congested plants smooth out and we can get some records out in a few weeks. Meanwhile back at the ranch there's been a deluge of good records to snap up that have been tiding us over. Managed to step foot in my local shop Dorma 21 the other day to find a copy of the new Genius of Time 12",  'Juno Jam' on Running Back - and just looking at the package gave me an immediate semi, lovely artwork here. It's no secret we're big fans of the Swedish duos music though, we've snapped up most of the stuff they've done from the past couple of years - from their cheeky edit of 'Love Thang' on Verktyg to the couple of monsters on Aniara ('Same Old Place' is a bomb), to their deep, piano-madness house bomb 'Drifting Back' on Royal Oak, these guys have a knack for diversity in sound from release to release, AND always hit the spot in a big way - a feat many producers sadly lack.

Title track 'Juno Jam' made a debut last year on a killer DJ Kicks mix cd by the talented John Talabot, now the track makes its wax debut for us lucky collectors. 'Juno Jam' cleverly combines punchy, staccato morse-code sounding synths with pulsating drums to deliver a real weapon of a tune. Top peaktime fodder. Click below to have a listen and read on, dear readers.


On the B side, both 'Tom Jam' and 'Djungel Jam' will likely please fans from a broad musical spectrum, as they're a bit hard to pin down genre-wise, which is refreshing to say the least. Both are deep, raw tracks with rhythms rooted in house et techno with a definite nod to tribal madness, with their shuffly drums and woodblock rata-tat-tatting. Both tunes aim to please and do so in a big way, HOWEVER both are definitely a bit too fast for our liking. These need to be played pitched down to -4/-6 or even -8(!), as the original tempos are simply way too fast for our tired ol' ears - Tom Jam for example is 125bpm). But at the lower ranges, they're dope-on-a-rope.

Pick up a copy from the good folks at Clone here, a fine 12" to add to any proper collection.