Prins Emanuel & Golden Ivy - Hidden Love/Mystic Trip (Fasaan)

Fasaan is quickly turning into one of my favourite imprints around. The Mälmo-based label and its in-house production outfit Prins Emanuel & Golden Ivy continues to impress with its organic approach of contemporary disco, which relies heavily on live instrumentation instead of samples, loops and compression.

The duo's latest missive is a breathtaking two track affair and arguably the label's best release yet. 'Hidden Love' on the A-side is a slow chugger propelled forward by a monumental slap bass line, a cowbell panned all the way to the left channel, a killer guitar hook and perfectly placed strings. The Swedes string all these elements together in a delightful arrangement that will have you snap your neck, tap your feet and reach for your Wayfarers. Or whatever it is you hip kids wear these days.

Flip over for 'Mystic Trip', a mesmerizing midtempo workout with crisp percussion, more sweet guitar action and that killer live bass again. Small elements keep fading in and out. A looped 'aah' here, a moody synth line there, these Swedish druids know exactly what they're doing. I'm always amazed at how well this stuff works in a packed club, it gets people dancing instantly and the punters running to the booth well before the first breakdown.

Easily one of the finest records we've picked up this year and it comes in a proper sleeve with full-colour artwork too.

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