Lexx - Young Corner (Phantom Island)

Remember us raving about a 12" by Kejeblos on new imprint Phantom Island a while ago? It seems we weren't the only ones that were all over that record: it's changing hands for ridiculous amounts of cash on the used circuit these days. The sophomore effort on the label by perennial Sleazy favourite Lexx (of Bear Funk and Permanent Vacation fame) seems destined to become the stuff of legend too. His 'Young Corner EP' came and went faster than J-Law's fappening pics, so needless to say, we're very happy we got our hands on one of the 250 copies that were pressed up, presented in a lovely screenprinted sleeve starring Lexx as a youngster posing at a high school bash. 

Yes, we're well aware its bad form to write about a record that is sold out everywhere, but sometimes something comes along that is so good you just can't help yourself. Besides, the tunes are available as digital downloads on the label's Bandcamp page, so not all is lost. Believe it or not, but this is the first proper EP by Lexx in about five years (if we don't count the cheeky edit 12" he put out last year under his LX nom de guerre). One could argue it hardly is 'new' material, as two of the three tracks on offer have been released before in some shape or form, but it's an achingly strong collection of tunes nonetheless.

'Turning Tides' on the A is a lush midtempo groover with spaced out guitar licks, moody synth lines and a devilishly deep bassline. Also on the A is Mahogany, one of the standout cuts on Gerd Janson's 'Computer Incarnations for World Peace' compilation that came out on Sonar Kollektiv way back in 2008, and now finally out on vinyl for the first time. 

It's 'Serenity' that I'm most excited about though, taking up the flip of the record. It's a breezy, gentle ride with understated guitar lines and subtle percussion that masterfully manages to be full on 'balearic' without ever getting noodly and enough oomph and fresh claps to keep the floor going. You might have heard this one before too, as it appeared on a Permanent Vacation CD compilation back in 2010. Again, this is the first time the track is out on vinyl.

An extraordinary record then, showcasing extraordinary prowess in the studio from one of the game's finest producers, on an extraordinary label. Fingers crossed we won't have to wait another 5 years for new material from Lexx. 

Pick up the digital release on Phantom Island's Bandcamp or pay an arm and a leg for a copy on Discogs.