Mind Fair - Ceremony (Golf Channel)

I have a bit of a love/hate affair with Golf Channel. The prolific merkin' imprint has released exceptional music over the years and new releases from the GC camp are always worth a listen. My collector's heart bled a little though when they stuck their entire catalogue online last year for the Beatport masses. Yes, we know from experience how hard it is to cover the production costs that are involved with releasing vinyl and sticking to a vinyl-only policy is a bit daft from a business perspective, but it still peeves me a little when a 'vinyl-only' imprint walks over to the dark side after spending a small fortune on those rare and limited records. I just can't help feeling it takes some of the magic away, however petty that may sound.

Thankfully, Mind Fair's 'Ceremony' release is rather enchanting, so all is instantly forgiven and forgotten. I'd never heard of Mind Fair before, which is odd, given the production outfit put out a record on International Feel last year and released on Golf Channel before. Add my obsessive compulsive habit of checking pretty much every new release in the disco/deephouse sections to the mix and a proper mystery is born. Discogs to the rescue then. According to the anal-yet-deadly-accurate army that reigns supreme over there, Mind Fair is comprised of Ben Shenton and Dean Meredith. The latter is a seasoned producer with fingers in numerous pies (Chicken Lips and Rhythm Odyssey, anyone?) so we're in most capable hands here.

The title track is a gentle, psychedelic disco ride with lush rhodes, soft claps and bluesy harmonica that goes on for a whoppin' 11 minutes. It might clear the floor when dropped in a packed club but it's an immensely enjoyable tune that showcases both incredible arrangement skills and an amazing ear for melancholic melodies and proper musicianship. Apparently one of the members of 70's country outfit The Climax Blues Band had a part in the track, which might explain the authenticity of the machine blues Mind Fair crafted here. 'Hiding From My Shadow' on the flip is a more uptempo, synthy chugger with rolling drums that is sure to please the fans of proto house, but it's Ceremony that gets my vote here.

A lovely record, packaged in a nice sleeve, from a pair of producer's that I'll be keeping a close eye on. Also make sure to check out Rogue Cat Sounds, their own imprint, killer stuff to be found on there (I predict a Discogs binge rearing its ugly head)

Blow your pocket change on this record here, you know you want to..