Ptaki - Kalina EP (Young Adults)

L.A.'s Young Adults imprint continues to impress with its impeccable A&R strategy, bent on unearthing fresh production talent from the world over. Here they add Polish duo Ptaki to the manifest, responsible for Very Polish Cut-Outs Vol. 1, one of the biggest records of last year (in case you missed it - don't pony up 70 bucks for it just yet, we just got word a repress is at hand).

The Kalina EP is a delightfully diverse record and all tracks are very good indeed, ranging from filtered out house to spaced out balearics, but it's A1 track 'Warsaw' that's my pick here, a truly extraordinary piece of electronic music. It has the gentle pace of a laidback Adriatic number (it clocks in well below the 100 BPM mark) and leans heavily on breezy, acoustic guitar lines and melodies, but fear not, it's doesn't noodle on self-indulgently, oh no it doesn't. Deep chugging drums add just the right amount of depth and oomph to proceedings, making this a delicious slice of driving , unadulterated, irresistible driving balearo-beatdown. Easily one of the year's best tracks and one we would have signed for our own Fools & Fables project in a heartbeat.

Pick it up here, as every Young Adult record it comes in a proper sleeve and sounds amazing.