Floor Jammers Vol 2 w/ exclusive guestmix - People Must Jam

Our favourite Australian imprint is back with its third release of the year and continues to impress with it's open minded A&R strategy. After Mark's Seven's glorious exploration of deeper territories and Inkswel's adventures in boogieland, Floor Jammers Vol. 2 takes things right back to where things started off with the label: the disco.

If you're going to release a V.A. with disco edits, who you gonna call? that's right, Rahaan. His Cosmic Lust is a delightful uptempo disco nugget full of swing, sweet keys and cheeky sax. Just try to sit still to this, I dare you. One of Rahaan's finest reworks to date, should get any floor shaking.

Rahaan shares his side of the record with Andy Ash - a trusted name in discerning disco circles - who serves up a meaty, driving chunk of beatdown disco with some sugarcoated vocals and nasty basslines (can't remember the source material for the life of me but I'm pretty sure I have this on a record somewhere).

Flip over for Beaten Space Probe's Glittering Days, a rework of Millie Jackons's 'We Got To Hit it Off'. It's been done many times before (Tom Trago had a bit of a club hit with his Use Me version and Watson released a class edit of the same track on Rack 'n Ruin last year), but Shota always manages to sprinkle some special magic dust over his rerubs, making this a great tune to have in the bag. Out in The Sticks finish proceedings with A&S Dub, a badass proto-house meets snappy boogie number. I'm a total sucker for those drums and stuff like this works so well in a set alongside Tiger & Woods to freshen things up a bit. It's a bit of a photo finish between Rahaan and OITS but I think the latter's my winner by a toenail.

PMJ label boss Matt Trousdale was kind enough to send us over a copy of the record (never gets old) and we got chatting a bit about the trials and tribulations of running a record label. A few days later, Matt sent us a live recording of a morning set he played at the Subsonic festival in Australia. I stuck it on the pod and a few days later it popped up on the daily commute. You know that 'what the fuck is this and how did I get it' feeling? Pretty much sums it up. I honestly hope I'll one day find myself at a festival, in the sun, still up after a heavy night of drinking and dancing, and have someone play such a perfect set. Have a listen below, you'll know what I mean.

There's a few things brewing in the PMJ pot at the moment, including an upcoming EP by Andy Ash with a remix by perennial favourite Ron Basejam, to be followed by a record by Riccio with a remix by Frank Booker. It's like seeing all of your friends at once right?! Meanwhile you can catch Matt playing tunes in Hong Kong late January/early February or watch him shaking up the motherland (that being Europe, obviously) around March/April.

Now go put that Christmas bonus to good use and buy the record. You know you want to, plus it's a single pressing, when they're gone, they're gone.


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