Jex Opolis - DZE (Good Timin')

Jex-muthafreakin'-Opolis! Who dis cat you ask!? Well so did we. If you must know (and even if you don't, we're gonna tell you) he's a fellow canuck from the land of glaciers and dogsleds, and also just so happens to be a fantastic producer and spectacular ivory tinkler. The gent also runs his own label, Good Timin' out of his homebase igloo in icy Toronto. He's a mysterious character, self-described as 'a Toronto-based musician and DJ with a long and painful musical history'. Not a whole lot else out there about him. His third release to date this, and one which he's arguably hitting his stride. If anything else we'll say this, fans of Suzanne Kraft & Tornado Wallace will not be disappoint.

'DZE' on the A is a painfully wicked journey through breezy steel drum & key territory. Heavy bass kicks on-the-one and a jazzy chorus anthem backs all the hype when it kicks in. Live ivory (livory?) further in the tune create such atmostphere and keep things upbeat. Somewhat difficult to classify this tune, which definitely makes it all the more unique sounding and ultimately badass. Rumour has it that Jex actually tracked down one of the session musicians from 80s' Italo band Asso over in icy Montreal to rock the keys/synths. Dedication! Check it oot...


Flip over for more badassery with 'Please Be Good To Me', a more laid back trip than the rudeness of the A, but still with equal amounts of flair and feverishly catchy key-riffs. Shimmering electro-sounds, woodblocks, and more live piano bring this one up to new heights. Fanfreakintastic stuff. Next 'Please Be Bad To Me' is a more heads down version of the former, but again with more unforgettable riffs. Locked and loaded for the dancefloor instead of the bedroom or the warmup.

All in all a bloody great record...all hail Jex - king of the memorable synth-line. Support Canadia by buying your copy HERE. Oh wait - looks like it's sold out almost everywhere. Wait for the repress (if there is one) or support the discogs vultures then I guess.


  1. Another absolutely brilliant recommendation! Thanks! Ordered from the vultures as can't risk no repress!

    I am really looking forward to your 2014 round up of the best records!



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