Cherry Garcia - Vine of Souls (Golf Channel)

After releasing a whoppin' 14 records last year there's no sign of letting up over at Golf Channel. The American imprint du jour started 2015 in style with a pair of twelves from Sheila Hylton and Cherry Garcia. While it's the latter we're covering here, the former is equally exceptional, so make sure to check that out as well.

I keep reading about 'tropical house' being a 'thing'. I'm not quite sure which  boxes should be ticked for something to be filed under tropical house (pineapple artwork, jungle-field recordings and loads of steel drums anyone?) but if the Vine of Souls EP by Cherry Garcia is anything to go by I'm all in.

The title track on the A side is the sonic equivalent of slipping into a steamy tub full of cheeky babes. Delectable wonky bossa-beatdown with lush, Mexican standoff-ish steel guitar lines and crowd chanting, what's not to like? Also on the A-side is Feathers like Fingertips, another pearl of a track with Latin drums, acoustic guitars and a massive rubbery bassline.

And as if that wasn't enough, there's Sol Floresta on the flip, a majestic downtempo headnodder that gently grabs you by the balearic balls with its delightful acoustic guitar strumming over a moody bassline. 

It lures you in for a few minutes before going into an extended, seriously spaced out breakdown, and just when you think the track is about to peter out, that incredible shuffling groove kicks back in and bliss is restored for another few divine minutes. One of the best tunes I've heard this year, on what has to be one of the freshest releases of the year so far. Tropical house vs naysayers: 1-0.

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  1. Am loving this! Another excellent recommendation - thanks very much. Grabbed a copy off discogs.

    Whilst writing, I was wondering if you know what track Dr Dunks is spinning at 37:00 to 42:00 here:

    It's one helluva moody electronic 3rd rail of a track!

    Thanks and thanks again for the amazing records you feature on your blog. You are definitely opening my ears and brain to sonic weapons that I otherwise wouldn't be aware of!

  2. Quick update to my question. Dr Dunks (being the true gent that he is) responded to me on Soundcloud, to advise that this track is one of his own and he plans to release it at some point.



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