Edits des Amateurs Vol. 2

In the first week of the new year we got a message from the Edits des Amateurs gang, offering us loyal customers dibs on their new 10". Their first release - a frantic afrotastic percussive wonkfest by Diskoking Burnhart McKoolski - was the stuff of legends and one of those ultimate secret weapons that has kids running up to the booth faster than Jlaw's fappening beavershots vanished from the net. It's about as hard to find as said shots too (or so I've been told, as we obviously highly respect physical integrity and frown upon those with loose morals. Besides, every time you enter those keywords and hit 'I feel lucky' a baby unicorn dies and we don't want magical blood on our hands). Long story short:  we kindly did the needful, whipped out the plastic and a few days later the UPS dude dropped off our first purchase of 2015.

As with their first release, it's a limited 10" affair in a handstamped sleeve. I don't know what it is about 10" records but there's something incredibly likeable about them, so browny points for the choice of format here. 'Court Time' takes up the entire A-side and is easily my pick of the three tracks on offer. It's a slow, smooth shuffler with lovely percussive elements that steadily builds towards a lush guitar-laden finale. It doesn't do much but it's devastatingly effective (in a superslow, weird disco-meets-balearic kind of way, that is). Can't find a decent sample of it but trust me on this one, it's incredible. Flip over for Victory Rock, a weird, leftfield proto-something tune that is - well, just a bit too weird for me - alongside the absolutely deadly, uplifting, swirly chunk of 80s synth-disco that is Rainbow Boogie, the sonic equivalent of pink poloshirts, white polyester suits, perms, sandals, casios and a whole bunch of keytars. Fuck yeah. 

For those of us/you that jumped on this right away and ordered the record directly from the lads, there was also a bonus secret 7" to be had, called the 'Spliff dub', a savagely good dubbed out edit of Nina Hagen's 'Auf 'm Bohnhoff Zoo' that might be our pick of all the treats on offer here. Can't find any samples of it and I'm guessing the lads wouldn't appreciate us ripping it and throwing it on youtube (and the short samples of the three tracks on the 10" that are up on the EDA soundcloud page don't do the record justice at all to be honest) so you'll have to hunt this package down while there's still a few of 'em around. There's also a small repress of EDA01 available (which might already have sold out by the time you read this but we thought we'd let you know anyway)

Pick up EDA02 at Growing Bin Records while you can!

Seems 2015 is going to be another incredible for original music, made for all the right reasons by passionate people. We'll try to pick up the posting pace over here as well to keep you in the loop, as it seems all the good stuff is gone these days the second it lands.