Golden Ivy - Sketches of Golden Ivy (Fasaan)

Fact: everything coming out of the Oye Records nest is boss. Fact 2: Fasaan are in a league of their own when it comes to midtempo dubby, trippy, organic boogie slash disco. Fact 3: this record has been out for a good while now - you most likely already have it - but our copy accidentally got shipped off to Canada and took ages to find its way back to the mainland. Plus there's no editor in chief yelling at us for missing a deadline, so here's the 411 on Fasaan's latest outing called 'Sketches of Golden Ivy'.

Rather unsurprisingly, it's in-house producer Golden Ivy behind the controls here, dishing out a tripple whammy. Vanda Blad on the A-side side (which, according to Google Translate, is Swedish for 'turn the page') is a quintessential Fasaan track. Smooth, playful percussive elements and synth lines set the mood, while square boogie drums and sharp claps set the pace. Once the majestic, rubbery bassline gets going everything falls into place perfectly and you're lost for the duration of the ride. Paradigmskifle (which I assume means something along the lines of a paradigm shift) on the flip takes a slightly more leftfield approach, encompassing enthnic elements (flute bits, no less) driven along nicely by a guitar loop. Sval Sommar takes things back to the boogie realm. With its stuttering drums and claps over a lolloping bassline it wouldn't have been out of place on a PPU release. While both cuts on the B are great, it's the lush A-side I'll be playing most. It makes one instantly yearn for sunnier days and gigs on the beach.

As we've come to expect from the Swedish imprint, the record comes in a sleeve with a lovely print-pattern, adding to the collectability of the series. If money's tight you can get the EP digitally from the label's Bandcamp store, but this is one of those releases that you really ought to buy in its full 12" glory. Essential.

Get it from Oye now or from the Fasaan website


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