Junktion - The Great Unknown (Black Ops)

Our latest missive arrived just a few days before the annual Record Store Day mayhem, which is a bit of a miracle - seems we managed to slip through the cracks of the industry's machinery and dodge the delays everyone's complaining about. Junktion, the man behind the controls here, has been on quite a roll these past 12 months, dropping stellar stuff on labels like Times are Ruff and Slow Town. His Fouk collabs with partner Daniel Leseman are also going like hot cakes, so it seems we locked him in for a release just in time. If you're partial to lowslung dusty basement grooves, Junktion's 'The Great Unknown EP' might tickle your pickle. It took us about a minute to sign, and believe you me, we're picky buggers when it comes to our own output.

The Black Ops releases tend to sell pretty quickly (thanks to you lovely lot), and pre-sales of this 12" were so strong some shops were already out of their allotted stock before it even hit the shelves, which is mental. Juno sold out its batch in about 40 minutes yesterday, which verges on the insane (even if our distributor spreads the records fairly over all dealers and shops, which means Juno only gets a limited supply). From a collector's point of view we know it can be incredibly frustrating to miss a record you're after, and it's a bit sad to see copies pop up on Discogs for 25 quid within 24 hours of release (stretching the moral boundaries of opportunism there a bit aren't we lads?), so we're rounding up all the places that still have copies or will get supplied later this week below. Mainland Europe, the USA and Japan will be getting it in within the next few days, so there's no need to panic and pay silly prices just yet.

Juno / Piccadilly / Phonica / Redeye / Vinyl Underground / Ed Davies / Love Vinyl / Japhy / HHV / Oye / Deejay / Decks / Clone / Rush Hour / Downtown304 / Vinyl Dreams / Pacific Beach Vinyl

Happy hunting, and if you stumble upon other places that have it in stock, give us a shout so we can link it up and try to give as many people a pop at picking it up for a decent price.


  1. Man...where was I when this vinyl sold out pretty much everywhere? :(

  2. Time to press a couple hundred more from the next release, isn't it?

  3. so hotttt release as usually! congrat guys!


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