Ben La Desh & Norm de Plume - Plumage 003

Last summer I had the pleasure of spending an impromptu beer & banter-soaked evening/night with Pash (who runs Plumage) and our boy Ben in Amsterdam. They met up earlier that day and were already well on their way to getting gloriously shitfaced when I arrived, but it was obvious these two fine specimens experienced a rare moment of lucidity earlier on and made a pact to do some music together. Fastforward to a few weeks ago and presto: a split EP on Pash's Plumage hit the racks, the third release on the label.

On the A, Ben serves up 'Lotion', a divine slice of gently midtempo rolling thunder in his inimitable style, constantly layering new elements and layers over his impeccable drums. French vocal snips all throughout the track set charm levels to stun. It's one of the most captivating bits of music the Dutch producer has made to date, can't get enough of this.

chuggy, stripped-down rework of Lotion with big rolling drums by Norm de Plume completes the A side. Serious lights-down-heads-up-in-the-basement material that's cut from the same cloth as Norm's excellent Ohio Replayed track from last year and should add a touch of magic to your warmup sets.

Flip over and the lads go all Freaky Friday on us, with NDP providing the original and BLD on remix duties. 'Roll On' is a smooth percussive rocker with cheeky harp-like strings, understated drums and some seriously driving hats. Ben flips the track on its back for a reconstruction that takes things a few notches deeper, adding a massive bassline and squelchy synths, turning it into perfect tackle for an Adriatic sunset gig. 

Excellent gear from this fine pair of lads, Lotion being my pick of the bunch (how could it now, as there's hints of 'Motion' lingering in the track, the tune that kicked off our own Black Ops series). Get one now, this is a vinyl only, limited one-off pressing and once they're gone they're gone. We caught wind of a rumour that one Paxton Fettel might be making an appearance on Plumage at some point too, so keep 'em peeled!

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