Crumbs - Vol. 3 (Crumbs)

What's this bit of new plastic then? What we have on our hands here is the third release on the elusive Crumbs imprint. We can't disclose who's behind the label and the tunes - it's one of those fun secret ventures and if we break our vow of silence a baby unicorn dies somewhere in a magical forest - but we can tell you it's a true Mensch. If you picked up the first two of the series you know you're in serious curveball territory with Crumbs. Proto-house, spaced out acid squelchery, cheeky disco edits, anything seems to go, yet there's a delicious wonkiness stringing things together.

What does it sound like? Lush midtempo hypnotic disco-flecked loopiness (Truncatis), trippy percussive afrobeats with ace fart-bass bits (Africus Animus), mint 80s shoulderpad proto-boogie (Sodalitus) and more driving trippy trippiness (Transulto).

Much cop? Oh yes, it's predictably delicious and wonderfully weird. Fabulous curveballs to liven up your set a bit.

Top Tune? A toss-up between Sodalitus and Truncatis, but I think it's the latter we'll be playing out the most. My my what a tune.

Made to be mixed into: YSE's Alpha Omega on Pickpocket - if you're feeling ballsy, that is.

Is it easy on the eyes? Like I said, it's one of those secret ops so there's not much info on the artwork. I do like those weird cartoon images though. Plus it's not hand stamped, which I think is great. Machines are much better at stamping imho. GET WITH THE TIMES PEOPLE.

Where can I get this? Most places still have it in stock. Juno can sort you out, for example.




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