Farbror Resande Mac - EP (Aficionado)

So what do we have here then? The latest 12" on Aficionado by the Farbror Resande Mac dude(s) from Sweden. Unpronounceable? yes, very much so, but unmistakably talent(s) of the extraordinary variety. Not 100% sure but I think there's a link with Tommy Awards here, the production outfit that gave us two incredible EPs on Magic Feet. So there. 
What does it sound like? A delicious bag of mixed adriatic haribos, ranging from tripped out balearo-tranz (Hagringen) to superslow 80s glampop (Stockholmsnatt). Not a whiff of balearic gruyere coming off any of the five tracks on offer, this record is slathered with style and class. The diametrical opposite of a Nickelback release then, of sorts.
What's the pick of the bunch? Chemtrails is our top tune. Gentle, delightfully dreamy deepness that wraps its lovely arms around you for a sonic hug that should never ever end. Best part is that if you stick on Hagringen on the A1, Chemtrails comes on next so you have two incredible tracks to listen to before having to get up to flip it over. Can't find a snip or vid of Chemtrails and I can't get the new version of Imovie to work so Hagringen will have to do for now.

Made to be mixed into: Rompante - Treat (Charles Webster remix) on IsItBalearic pitched down a fair bit should work a treat (see what we did there?).
Is it easy on the eyes? The record looks like all the other ones on the label, simple and clean in a nice full colour Aficionado sleeve.
Should you buy this? Does a bear shit in the woods? Incredible record on what is without a doubt the most exciting downtempo/folk/balearic imprint out there.
Link meh: Get a copy here. The Aficionado records all tend to sell out rather quickly and people hold on to them for dear life, we've been trying to snipe the ones we missed on Discogs but very little luck so far.