Nebraska - Stand Your Ground (Mister Saturday Night)

Hot on the heels of a predictable solid EP on Delusions of Grandeur, Nebraska drops a foursome of disco delights in his inimitable style on Mister Saturday Night. I've had a soft spot for Nebraska's deep, loopy tackle ever since his first Rush Hour record came out but this here might be his most accomplished release yet.

Little Chan gets things going on the A rather nicely with its choppy keys, swinging hats and deep drums. It's the kind of driving, hypnotising fare that will have people go absolutely apeshit when dropped at the right moment.

The loopy and chuggy soul-bumper Stoop - also on the A - takes things down a notch or two and showcases Nebraska's knack for expertly chopping and arranging samples. Sloppy claps, trumpet stabs, lush keys, there's plenty to enjoy here.

Flip over for title track 'Stand Your Ground', our pick of the litter. The Piccadilly write-up is spot on: 'Gently bobbing in on a wave of undulating funk, swirly, grainy synthesized elements bounce delicately out of the sky as the concentric bassline circles on and on. Unique and breathtaking, perfect for slowly bringing people down after a heavy session'. A mad and massive curveball for the ages.

Nebraska effortlessly flips all switches back to disco on 'Emotional Rescue', a fine slice of uptempo disco with some sweet brass-loops and vocal snips. Proper, proper peaktime fodder this.

Killer stuff, all four track should be seeing plenty of plays this summer. Luckily we cottoned on early and made the savvy decision to pre-order a copy. The first batch sold out in a flash but fret not, a repress is on its way! Might take a while - the wait at the plant is about 8 weeks for a repress these days - but keep them peeled!

Check it out here