Das Komplex - Nowadays (Father and Son Records and Tapes)

Apart from the wholesome loopy disco fodder and chugging house cuts we tend to go apeshit over, we're also slightly extremely obsessed with bits that fall into the 'balearic' (cringe) camp. Tropical beatdown, tripshlopped, dubby gear with soft drums that you probably won't hear too often at Fabric London or even at Chalet in Berlin for that matter, but stuff that just soothes the battered soul. Stuff that you really just want to hear at home when you're in need of supreme background headnodding beats of the highest order.

One of the best 12's in this category of late has been from Polish artist Das Komplex, aka Marcin Lukaszewicz out of Koszalin in the north-west of the country. Not too much info on senor Komplex floating around in cyberspace actually, with only one release listed on Discogs and most info is often found in Polish (even with our best polish we'd probably end up with a virgin daquiri instead of a thirst-quenching piwo, sadly). There could be some loose ties with the VPCO boys, but again - we're just not sure. What is clear however is his music is immensely well produced as is evident from the inaugural release on polish label Father and Son Records and Tapes, (run by Maciek Sienkiewicz) entitled 'Nowadays'.


The term 'sun-drenched' sure is thrown around a lot in the balearic world, but if there ever was a sun-drenched track, 'Like A Fish' on the A1 is it, featuring loads of blissed out guitar chords with what sounds to my novice producer ears as tons of reverb or delay turned up to eleven. The track floats seamlessly on for a short duration of less than 5:00 but what it does it does so well, gently lobbing dollops of slow, sensual waves of goodness into your earholes. From this we move to the more uptempo space-disco cut 'Narkoleptyczni troche'. We have not a clue what that means but it must be something good, as this one bleats out pure class with dubby vocals and echoed out lazer stabz galore.


We've been wearing out the play button on youtube for the B2, 'Nowadays' for ages now - a killer dubhouse cut which revolves around a couple of really strong vocals, metalic snares, chimes and soothing pad-like drums. Zero hard hitting kicks here fellas, the other elements really take over here and it works a treat. Finally, put the kettle on for what is possibly our pick of the punch, 'Siren' - 13 and a half minutes of pure soft and mellowed out cracker of a home-listener that plays off a morphed out jamaican dub siren sample and a vocal about not wanting to be alone. Pure lush-rush this track, I get absolutely lost in it with each listen.

This one sold out quick-fast upon dropping I think and I can't find a shop in europe that has it in, however stateside haunt PB Vinyl has copies of this heavyweight-vinyl-with-full-colour-sleeve package for $16 american bucks a pop.

PS. The second release on FASRAT is already out, keep em peeled for that one as well - also badass.

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