Dream Chimney - Dream Chimney Dubs (American Standard)

It's been a good while since we last heard from American Standard, the label that brought us that Beegees edit by Cole Medina when the whole slo-mo edit craze took off 6 years ago. After a string of well-received releases by the likes of The Drunk, Rayko and Social Disco Club, we assumed the plug got pulled on the label in 2012. Good things come those who wait though, and this fresh slab of wax by  Dream Chimney should most definitely be filed under good things. Exceptional things, even, as we're treated to a majestic pair of deep balearic disco biscuits here by the San Fran-based blogger/producer.

'Featherbed for Hatchback' is some class A trippy shit with its hi-energy synth lines, pulsating bassline and vintage tom drums. It kind of reminds me of some of Mark E's hypnotic loopy gear from a few years ago and wouldn't have been out of place on Keyboard Masher's KM imprint. The latter could also be said for the ace 80's shoulderpad/electro/boogie cut Charlie Dub, which sounds like it could have been lifted off a soundtrack of a movie with Michael J Fox in his post Teen-Wolf years. I realize I'm not giving you much to go by here, so just have a listen to both tracks, they're marvellous.

I think the originals both might be superobscure library records that got a makeover, not sure how much extra production went into these but who cares when you have two winners on your hands. Very happy I picked this up, and great to see American Standard back into the swing of things.

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