Pools - Innertubes (Razor-N-Tape Reserve)

Our bros from other ma's over at stateside imprint Razor-N-Tape, JKriv & Aaron Dae have just released their 4th slab of wax on their sublabel R-N-T Reserve. Which is actually their 17th record if you count the ten they've put our on the regular label plus the three 45s. Yep the duo have been busy honing their A&R skills with the label over the past few years and it's been paying off big, netting for this release the LA based duo Pools - aka DJ Morse Code and Mike B, who we fell absolutely head over heels in love with back in '11 with their two simultaneous releases on mysterious edit label Spills.

So with nothing from them to go on since then, what have we here? Well it would seem the Pools boys really just take their time with their productions, as everything is still intact here from a quality perspective. Enter stage left a lovely full colour sleeved LP-of-sorts entitled 'Innertubes' complete with Simpsons-esque cover art. Disc A (hot muthafunkin' pink) contains all original smoked-out beatdown jams - 9 of them - typical a-la-Pools fare. THEN turn to disc B for the remixes, jebus there's really so much to choose from, it's a bit overwhelming, something for everyone on this varied double disc release.

For example, let's just pick a random track 'Penwick Pool': an ultra-lounging beat-down funk track with live lazy keys galore that bobs along perfectly at the pace in which you can imagine you'd be bobbing up and down in a backyard swimming pool. Ace.

The slightly more uptempo 'Tubin' revolves around a few catchy synth-riff-lines, loopy drum patterns and vox sample that's flanked by guitar stabs, equating an excellent well rounded tune as well. Or how about the mega dancefloor burner, 'Power Questing' - big monstrous live jazzyhouse jam with chipmunk vocals that yes, sound a bit odd at first but the track is just so fresh you can't help but move your feet to this one. Unbelievable tune. Phew, and these are just 3 of the 8 (9 if you count the intro) colossal tracks on disc A.

Move over to disc B (hot muthafunkin' Cyan y'all) for remixes of 4 of the cuts from disc A from some of our favourite producers. And instead of keeping things all head-noddy, things get turned up a notch for ultimate dancefloor annihilation. SB fave Thatmanmonkz churns out a hefty house remix of 'One Of Thee's Days', that twists the vocal and oozes class in such a way that only his productions can. Dj Vas up next with his awesome take on 'Tubin', and finally sleazy label bros Junktion and Luvless get the C side all to themselves with '3rd Eye' up for grabs for the Rose Records stallwart and 'Sew Brand New' gets the Junktion rub. Top shelf selection of remixers we love, all dishing out remixes for an already smokin' set of tunes.

This and the recent Red Motorbike LP have got to be two of the best long play releases we've picked up in recent months, so many tracks of such high caliber and with so much variation. Wish all LPs we nabbed would be so consistent.

Pick up a copy here.