Admin - Black Ops Guestmix

Quick one to point you towards a new mix we're hosting on our Soundcloud page. It's a bit of a special one too, as it's done up by Admin, the man behind the controls of our next Black Ops release, using only his own productions - including the three bits we managed to snap up for the 'Super Lover EP' - bar a smidge of Miles Davis. There's something instantly likeable about Admin's dusty, summery, sample-heavy sound. Press play and you'll see what we're on about.

In other news, we have a fresh stack of wax to review on here, including Session Victim's new one on Retreat (badass as ever - thanks a million for sending it over Hauke!) and a new 12" on Tony Travolta, a project by Damiano Von Erckert that has us all weak in the knees, so keep 'em peeled. Oh and Saine's 'Small Remedies EP' is out next week too after many, many delays and setbacks. Things are looking up!