Paxton Fettel & Norm de Plume - Kobenhavn:London EP (Plumage)

We've been staunch fans of Paxton Fettel - or Nic, to his gran - ever since we discovered his EPs on Greta Cottage Workshop. While Kris has been hanging out with oul Nic on the reg in Copenhagen, I didn't get to meet this Danish Wunderkind yet, so you can imagine how excited I was about getting to warm up for him this weekend here in Amsterdam with our Midnight City pals. Sadly, that party got cancelled (open air venue, shite weather an ting), messing up our plans and ploys (Cliff's notes: stick on the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack from start to finish and get stinking drunk) for the evening.

Norm de Plume - or Pash, to the postman - must be blessed with prophetic powers, as he promptly offered solace by shape of a square brown cardboard mailer containing a test pressing of the next release on Plumage. So picture me sitting here, dabbing away at bitter, bitter tears, sticking on Kobenhavn : London and  * poof * disappointment > gone with the wind. Because this little ditty here is friggin' mint.

Things get going in vintage Fettel style on the A with 'Ambling Waves in Eternity' and 'Marble Street'. The former is the kind of breezy, atmospheric Greta Cottage gear that made us fall in love with our Danish pal. Swirly synths galore, understated drums and sweet sweet melody lines, all lovingly arranged. Sounds good right?

Fettel beefs things up a little with 'Marble Street', a fine slice of uplifting, lolloping deephouse with chunky, rolling drums and driving piano lines. Sounds like multi-instrumentalist Paxton got busy with a ton of analogue gear on this, niiice.

Flip over for Norm's side, who provides some prime basement tackle with 'Rhythm and Sound', a lush midtempo workout driven by piano chords, sharp claps and eerie synths. It doesn't actually do all that much, but it's devastatingly effective and is one of NDP's finest productions to date.

Closing track 'Step in Time' is a moody, loopy little number that brings things back to the disco. A dark and twisted one, mind you. One for the heads.

Lovely stuff as always, and limited too, so get on board or cry later. And thanks a million for sending it over Pash!

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