Summer's finest (Penitence post)


Good grief, we've been slacking...two months of radio silence is unbecoming behaviour for a pair of semi-serious bloggers, especially given the torrential influx of absolutely incredible fresh wax. Our stack of 'records we really need to write about' slowly but surely grew into a metaphorical mountain that seemed a little daunting to climb this summer, so instead of working our way through the piles one by one, we figured we might as well serve up our seven favourite records of the summer season in one fell swoop. We'll be better from now on. Pinky swear and then some.

Jack J - Atmosphere (Future Times)

Jack J's Atmosphere was always going to be in this list wasn't it? As it's going to be in every 'best of 2015' list worth its salt. I love every second of this track. The sweet piano lines, the depth, the warm pads, that murderous slap-bass, the killer loose percussion, the sloppy claps, it oozes class and proper musicianship. Jack J is in a league of his own at the moment. Buy here

Harvey Sutherland - New Paradise (MCDE)

Harvey Sutherland follows up his smash hit EP for Voyage (run by our pal Andy Hart, who, we've been told, is currently sporting a tache that would do Magnum P.I. proud in case you were wondering) with a two-tracker for Motor City Drum Ensemble's MCDE imprint. New Paradise is the one for us with its hooky synth lines, wavy chords and tight drums. The track builds towards a phenomenal finale where Harvey Sutherland goes all synthastic. Played it out last weekend to a full house, it's so much fun to watch people's faces melt when that bassline first comes in. Sold out everywhere, but I'm sure it'll get repressed soon enough. Keep 'em peeled

B.J. Smith - Hold On To It * Jonny Nash remix (NuNorthernsoul)

The ludicrously talented Jonny Nash steps up to the plate for one the year's finest slices of balearic bliss. Moody guitar lines and gentle percussion expertly arranged like a heartfelt sonic hug. It must be an age thing (definitely on the wrong end of our thirties) but we can't get enough of stuff like this. Buy here

Tee Mango - Leave You (Millionhands)

Tee Mango goes all vintage St. Germain on us and boy does it sound good. It's deceptively simple yet deadly effective, building on just a few loops and an incredible vocal that will get stuck in your head before you know it (I've found myself humming 'I'm gonna leave you, no more headaches' while waiting in line at the supermarket countless times now) and if this isn't considered an EPIC breakdown, I'll eat my hat. Sold out as well, Discogs is your frenemy.

Ptaki - Termy (People Must Jam)

This is cheating a little, as it's not out yet, but Matt from People Must Jam sent over a promo of the forthcoming Ptaki EP and this one grabbed us by the balearic balls in the most pleasant of ways. These boys are one fire, and when they get it right, they get it RIGHT. Out soon, pre-order here

Chaos in the CBD - Midnight in Peckham (Rhythm Section International)

Everything Bradley Zero touches with his Rhythm Section International turns to gold, and rightfully so. He seems to have an amazing ear for new talent and doesn't seem to be afraid to explore different genres and perspectives. Quite quickly after the recent - and baddass - EP by Henry Wu another Rhythm Section came out. I'd never heard of Chaos in the CBD but it's a duo from New Zealand living in London, and they churned out a haunting, melancholy piece of deephouse bliss that speaks directly to my soul. It brings back memories of Jerome Sydenham's 'Winter's Blessing', which can never be a bad thing. Order here

M.Ono & Luvless - Double You (Rose Records)

M.Ono & Luvless do what they do best, on their own imprint, on 10" vinyl. Do we really need to elaborate? Thought so. Order here

Besides spending way too much money on records, we're also working on two new releases (one for Black Ops, one for our Fools & Fables offshoot), more info on that soon!


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