Saine - Small Remedies (Fools & Fables)

The third release on Fools & Fables comes courtesy of Finnish beatsmith Saine, who shows some remarkable diversity on his 'Small Remedies' extended player. 'Blush' on the A is silky smooth downtempo headnodding gear, 'Can't Keep Us' on the B could be filed under deephouse for discerning adults, 'Casual' and 'No Rush' sound like they could have been made by Jazzanova in their halcyon days and saine even flexes his hip-hop muscle with 'Leisure Song' and Scene', two delightful slices of instrumental mushroom jazz. You could rightfully question how objective all of the above is, seeing as we have more than one finger in this particular pie, but when the savvy folks over at like it, you know you're onto something decent.

Out now on limited 12" vinyl over at Juno, Piccadilly, Phonica and all the other usual suspects