Session Victim - Two Man House Band (Retreat)

It's been two years since Session Victim's last EP on their own Retreat imprint. Session Victim have hardly been resting on their laurels though.  Releasing their second (and immense) long player on Delusions of Grandeur, developing their liveset and playing pretty much every club on the globe worth its salt means finding studio time has simply been a challenge for Hauke and Matthias. As always with these lads, it's been well worth the wait. The 'Two Man House Band EP' offers vintage Session Victim grooves that encapsulate both their broad musical outlook and their love for live instrumentation.

Summer Games on the A is a beast of a tune with so much drive it would do Jeremy Clarkson proud. Deep drums, a smidge of cowbell and guitar lines propel things forward. Vocal snips, synths and small, clever details weave in and out in until the tension rises to epic proportions. I can't wait to give this a whirl over a decent system and watch mayhem ensue.

Flip over for 'Black Cream', an irresistable chunk of moody, 'heads down, lights out' basement gear with amazing synth lines. The two man house band drops the tempo on the incredible Finderslohn (which translates into 'finder's fee'), a chuggy, bottom-heavy workout with lush percussion and Spanish/Arabic guitars that wouldn't have been out of place on a KM Editions record. Which is obviously a good thing, in our book.

Nobody makes machine soul machine quite like Session Victim. Over the years, we've turned into really picky buggers, but I have yet to hear them put a single foot (or note) wrong. Badass, utterly badass. Order a copy now, you know you want to.

Get it here (directly from the label) or wait for it to land over at Juno