Admin - Flute Loops EP (Boogie Cafe)

I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of unsolicited demos, mostly because listening to Siberian power tekno gets old really fast (particularly love the ones that come with a small note saying 'made these with you in mind', you hit play and it's all breakcore junk), but when Admin - a moniker Juno aptly described as perennially search engine unfriendly - got in touch with a bunch of new bits we knew right away we wanted to do a record with him. There something instantly likeable about his breezy, laisser-faire take on disco. Admin's tunes really stand out in the overpopulated and very beige disco edit crowd. They're rough around the edges and will make audiophile hipsters with an overpriced Rega pull their hair out with all thr pops, clicks, crackle and small imperfections but they also offer pure and unadulterated dancefloor fun.

Admin's 'Super Lover EP' on our own Black Ops imprint should have been out already but the vinyl overlords decided differently ('galvanic issues', anyone?), so a few other releases the Bristolian got signed around the sane time are popping up left and right now. One of those releases is the Flute Loops EP on Jimmy The Twin's Boogie Cafe. The title track is a shimmying groover with cleverly arranged latin/flute samples and killer drums. I remember a 'stop the flute in house music' petition in IDJ mag years ago (I religiously read IDJ's review section in the good old pre-internet days) but flute loops like these I can listen to all day every day. Flip over for 'Drifting Away', a deeper excursion that sounds a bit like a rewire from a tune off a 90s sci-fi movie score.

The one tune to rule them all is 'No Problemo' though, a crackly slice of tropical jazz/disco that I just can't get enough of. It's the sonic equivalent of getting a smile and a wink from the girl you've been madly in love with for years but never had the balls to actually talk to. It has enough bottom end to work in the club too, so this is one of those absolute weapons to keep in the bag for aeons.

Listen to more samples and order a copy here