Junior - Edits From The Jr. Stable (Edits From)

Picking and choosing records for your collection is somewhere between like riding a bike and picking a wine. While the later is pretty obvious (you don't want shite wines in your collection do you), there's a lot of mediocre records & wines out there that will do the job. But you'd much rather have the primo bottles lining the walls of your dank musty wine cellar. The bike riding analogy isn't for everyone though I suppose, but I thought of how it related to myself and how you never forget how to ride a bike, and I'd like to think I never forget - or always know immediately perhaps I should say - what sounds good and what I like immediately when I hear it. Anyways might be a bit of a stretch, but what the hell.

Edits From is a new sublabel that's just popped up out of London, showcasing the sounds of a producer only known as 'Junior'. If you've been following what's been going on the past few years and have a quick look at the typeface on the white sticker it should be a dead giveaway who's behind this one. Things start out with the deadliest of the three boogie-cuts, 'Junior On The Drums', starting off with what is more or less a raw tension-inducing breakbeat of drum layers, that just doesn't want to stop. Perfectly dj-friendly too which is nice considering lots of raw drum tracks can throw off the mix. This continues till halfway through the entire A-side before other elements nudge their way in to the soup - funk guitar, bassline, synth and finally the killer vocal that just tease you before the track fades off into the sunset.

'Junior Gives Thanks' on the flip is even more raw, a brazillian afro drum battle of a track/loop with a clanging cowbell leading the pack. No bassline, vocal or much else to speak of here - very bare bones and stripped back, killer transition tune wethinks to switch up a mood or feeling mid-set. The last track is basically a slowed down and pacified bongo journey, with a very drunken trumpet intertwining between the beats.

Super cool record here, snap one up before *poof* like that, they're gone.