V.A. - Tony Travolta 002

More beatdown badassery to sink your teeth in after that killer Hamo 12" we posted about a few days ago. Here we have the second release on Damiano Von Erckert's Tony Travolta Records featuring a plethora of rather in-demand producers like Glenn Astro, Hodini and Tito Wun. It's actually been out for a good while but A) we were late to the party B) it's a bit of a who's who of the German beatdown scene and C) the label is called friggin' Tony Travolta, how rad is that?

I just read an interview in FACT magazine with Venetian Snares and he was fulminating against the pointlessness of journos describing the sounds and elements of tracks in music reviews when samples of said track are only a mouseclick away. I obviously don't consider myself a proper journalists and I don't particularly care for Venetian Snares' music but his plead to just focus on how a piece of music makes you feel instead of going on about the sounds that were used making the track did strike a chord with me. Let's do exactly that then.

Listening to Chicago Damiano's Gamin' makes me feel happy because it's the kind of leftfield basement fodder that I love stumbling upon when I'm having a random browse at the 'new in' section. It's rough around the edges and has oodles of oomph but at the same time it works its samples brilliantly and has undeniable soul. I love how there's no sitting still to this, no matter how hard I try. It also makes me feel sad, because it's the kind of music I would love to be able to make if I knew my ass from my elbow in the studio and these dudes make it all sound so easy and effortless (I'm assuming this is a collab between Chicago Damn & Damiano Von Erckert but hey, I'm not a real journo so I don't have to worry about fact checking and all that boring jazz). More bits on the record but I never get past this track, and that's a good thing (I'll most likely slap myself in the face in a year or two when I 'discover' a mental B side track). Absolutely massive.

Get it directly from the label here