YSE Saint Laur'Ant - Stonewall EP (Vinyl Only)

YSE Saint Laur'Ant launches his new imprint 'Vinyl Only' with a foursome of obscure disco delights. I've been following Ant (of Rhythm Plate and YSE fame) long enough to expect the label's name to end up being a bit of a pisstake (he's always been one for cheeky puns now hasn't he?). I've also come to expect nothing but exceptional gear from the Matlock native and Whiskey Disco regular, and he sure is on point here. If you liked his contribution to the 12" on Popular People's Front Limited from a few years ago - and I see absolutely no reason why you shouldn't, it's badass - the A2 and B2 should be tickling ye ole musical nutsack so to speak. The A2 is a chugging downtempo rewire straight from a sandy Kashbah, while It Beats The Music on the flip rides a dubbier, wobblier, wonkier wave. Both are delightful curveballs to spice up your warmup sets.

If it's slightly more straightforward midtempo gear you're after you can't go wrong with the A1 and B1. Fool Out Of Me and its lush rolling drums and tripped out vocals is a fine slice of captivating looped up loveliness. I feel I should really recognize the vocal Ant sampled and filtered out but my mind's drawing a blank here (too many episodes of Peppa Pig with the wee ones yesterdy I'm afraid, my brain is melting, oink oink). Night Walker - my pick of the bunch - on the B is a slightly deeper, moody affair with a massive bassline and sharp claps. The kind of stuff you want to listen to alone in the dark, on decent headphones, imagining you're starring in your own movie and this being the soundtrack.

Glorious inaugural release, get a copy here. I'm assuming it's a vinyl only release (but you never quite know in the wonderful weird of YSE do you?).