Best of 2015: the sellout sessions

Let's face it lads, as much as we all like to frown upon 'em, we all love a good list don't we?. There's something very comforting about having people in the know compile a 'best of' list and wrap up another frantic year in music. Either to laugh at hysterically (there's some real moomins on the internet that think they're 'in the know') or to discover that handful of records that miraculously managed to fly under your radar but is really good indeed.

What I don't like about most lists though - and most notably those published by record stores - is that they're mainly used as a tool to drive sales, which usually means records that are sold out are conveniently left out of the equation. Rest assured, this has nothing to do with out of place sense of entitlement on our end (we put out cheeky basement disco fodder, it's hardly Mozart), but as avid collectors of the black stuff it seems a little unfair to leave all those special little nuggets that came, conquered and sold out over the past 12 months unmentioned. Besides, the fact they sold out might even indicate they were half-decent to begin with, right?

So instead of our regular annual 'best of' post, we decided to round up ten of our favourite records that are now sold out/out of print but sure shouldn't be forgotten. Yes, some of these fetch stupid prices on Discogs - which can be infuriating - and yes, some of the these will most likely get repressed in 2016, but these puppies were some of the finest we picked up this year and made collecting those weirdly irresistible black round things all the more fun. So here goes, in no particular order:

Harvey Sutherland - New Paradise (MCDE)

We played 'New Paradise' at every single gig since we got our hands on the record this year. Once Sutherland starts letting his synths weep after the break it's total mayhem: woops, cheers and droves of punters at the booth. What a tune, one of the most underrated bits of the year in our humble opinion.

Jack J - Atmosphere (Future Times)

Undisputably our favourite record of 2015. Both sides are breathtakingly good but Atmosphere is the one I keep going back to. There's no point in describing it really - and I highly doubt you haven't heard this at some point, as the hype around this record was huge. Don't think this was actually a limited release (Future Times repeatedly stated they would keep repressing as long as there was demand) but every time a new batch hits the shops it sells out in a day. Witness future vintage, as the Rush Hour adage goes.

Laurence Guy - Kojak EP (Church)

Superlate to the party - we totally missed all the records on Church and didn't hear about the label/Laurence Guy until our pals from Rose Records asked us to put together the sales notes for their forthcoming 10" by mr. Guy - but boy is this dude ever talented. Four amazing beatdown/basement nuggets, loaded with oomph and dripping with soul. Managed to find a copy on Discogs the other day for the price of half a week of groceries, but I'm not complaining. Also picked up Ishmael's spectacular 'Time and Time Again EP' on Church, which wouldn't have been out of place on this list either.

Admin - Sancho Panza (Banoffee Pies)

It was a vintage year for our boy Admin with a string of great releases on Banoffee Pies, Boogie Cafe and our own Black Ops imprint. His lush and breezy 'Sancho Panza' cut on Banoffee Pies' Limited Series Vol. 1 made us pick up one of the 200 units that the label  pressed up, but Contact Ronnie's perky 'Place & Time' is equally strong. Love this label, they put so much love into their products it makes collecting them all the more fun. Can't wait to see more of Admin's music get released in 2016, we heard some great labels mentioned through the grapevine...

Len Leise - Len Leise Edits

Len Leise's 'Edits' EP is very likely to become one of those holy grail records for collectors really quickly. Leise usually graces the likes of Aficionado and International Feel with his exceptional branch of balearic deepness, but he released fabulous afro-edit/remix 'Stars for Jorge' on a cheeky white label, limited to 150 copies. When you get the heads over at collectively creaming their pants, you know you're onto something really special indeed.

Peak Time Boys - Court Dance (Edits des Amateurs)

The second release on Edits des Amateurs was one of the first records we bought in 2015 but it sure deserves a spot on this list. A lovely 10" affair with a pair of proper cheeky disco edits and this slow burning melter of a track to top things off. Hope to see more coming out of this camp in 2016.

Al Zanders - Blind Jack's Journey

Al Zanders is the deephouse alter ego of Lodger, who's made a few appearances on these pages before with his delectable edits on Stamp. He recently dropped two releases, one on Karakul and this one on Blind Jack's Journey. Both are immense and establish Zanders as an authentic force to be reckoned with, but it's the Braddock-esque 'Long Gone' on Blind Jack's Journey that just had to be on this list. Another name we'll be keeping an eye out for next year.

Cherry Garcia - Vine of Souls EP (Golf Channel)

Golf Channel put out an endless stream of records again this year, some of which were very good indeed, but it was the first of 2015 that we played over and over again, top notch tropical deepness by Cherry Garcia.

Hidden Spheres - Waiting (Distant Hawaii)

Lush house business from Hidden Spheres on Distant Hawaii, Lobster Theremin's side project. Al Dobson Jr. vibes with a Moods & Grooves-style drums, what's not to like? Almost let this one slip but managed to find a repress over at Clone.

Junior - Edits From The Junior Stable (Edits From)

Speaking of Dobson Jr., he released a one-off EP with a truly monumental edit. Last year we had Justin Vander Volgen's Editchannelxxx, this year we have 'Junior on the Drums.  Still haven't figured out what the source material is, but he teases out the track endlessly before dropping some surefire disco heat. Pure class from the 22A man.

That's it, our last post of 2015. See you all on the other side! 


  1. Fantastic list! Wouldn't expect anything less. Have an awesome new year.


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