ThatManMonkz - February Mix

I had the pleasure of hanging out and having a few beers with Scott 'ThatMan' Moncrieff when he was in town for ADE last year. He'd just wrapped up his album for Delusions of Grandeur and sent it off to get mastered and cut, so a bit of a celebration was in order. Fastforward a couple of months and 'Columbusing' is just around the corner. The title seems particularly well-chosen. Monkz didn't do the formulaic house album thing - two downtempo tracks, three skits, 2 midtempo tunes and 5 peaktime bangers - but explores the boundaries of contemporary basement club music instead, working with a string of vocalists to create a coherent and timeless collage of soulful deepness. This guy is the real deal.

Columbusing is out on the 26th on Delusions of Grandeur. You can stream a preview of the album below. Or simply do the needful and buy it here

Scott kindly provided us with a killer promo mix that should please the heads and the disco aficionados alike. Fresh mess if we ever heard some. We're spoiling you with these mixes, we truly are...


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