The Glue / Rulefinn - Stomperud / Kommafeil (UntzUntz)

I say! Break out the bubbly squiah! Bergen badasses The Glue - aka our favourite bear and bunny duo aka Tarjei and Lars Erik to their mums are out with another Glue dancefloor annihilator on their (along with Sir Eirik Fagertun III aka Pastors') Berlin/Bergen based UntzUntz imprint. Finally. These guys take aaages between releases (which we kinda like, they really couldn't be arsed to whore themselves out). But as can be seen from their output they're more than adept in the studio, but really have a thing for modesty and completely refuse to post and shout incessantly on social media. All class, no uhm - pass? Sass? Or something.

Anyways, their last maxi disc was their Q&A release almost 3 years ago, and that one has honestly barely left the bag, and if it did it was only to replace it with their ace Broken Heart tune from 2011.  So, the record in question here is this monstrous 12" with the boys on the A-side and fellow norwegian Rulefinn on the flip. Things kick off with 'Stomperud' - a chunky and snappy uptempo four-four beat with funky elements gradually layered atop to maximum effect. They boys keep their expertly wielded guitar and synth samples quick and extremely tidy at first, really letting the beat take control - until about the 3 minute mark when things really open up. At this point other synth and piano lines all interplay amongst one another to create an insanely catchy tune. At 5 mins things take off in a another direction entirely for a while - totally unexpectedly. All in all 10 minutes of madness, have a listen below and judge for yourselves while you read on:

We honestly don't know much about this Rulefinn fellow who rules the Bside but he's introduced on the press release we received as a massive Italo-disco head from Norway; and as a dj has supposedly made numerous club-goers (willingly or not) come right there on the dancefloor. Not sure who the unlucky sap is who has to clean that mess up the next day…poor guy. Rulefinn's 'Kommafeil' is lush midtempo disco edit gear chock full of gooey slapbass, shakers, guitars, female and male vocal cuts and those vintage synths that make it sound like it was right out of a Miami Vice spinoff intro. Such a choon. 100% perfect for warm up duties to get things moving in the right direction.

This one JUST came out the other day. One of our favourite shops Oye Records in Berlin seems to be out of stock already - imminent restock possible though...however many other haunts (and Ed Davies of course) such as Phonica for example still have some HERE. Only 300 copies of this luscious record available, so be quick folks!

Congrats to the Glue boys on another smasher! Tillykke venner!