Legit Edits #3 (Legit Edits)

I actually highly doubt Soulphiction - who is behind the controls here - cleared the rights for this release, but there's no denying Legit Edits #3 offers up a tasteful pair of edits. I didn't care much for the first two in the series but this one is right up my alleyway. Choppy, driving looped up wonky disco gear on the A (think Soundstream without the mental overcompressed drums) and a proper funk nugget on the flip, which is my fav of the two tracks and the one that made me whip out my wallet after hearing a snip. Not sure what the source material is (counting on the Discogs geeks to come up with the original before long) but it's a cleverly chopped/looped up guitar-driven beast with a killer vocal (think Tiger & Woods without the, err, overcompressed drums) that I stuck at the very front of the bag right away because you just KNOW this will go down a treat when played over a decent rig. She's got me good indeed.

Vinyl only, limited business. You know what to do.