Black Ops - The Slipmat Edition (pt. 2)

So about two or three months ago we were having a proper evening e-chinwag, as we do once or twice a week and got to chatting about some cool stuff we could get made up with the ol' SB logo proudly branded on. After dismissing some initial ideas such as tea cosies, plastic visors and those weird beer jackets that were so cool in the 80s we decided we should probably just stick with what worked so well last time: slipmats. After all, they do go pretty well with our meat & potato product - Black Ops wax, right?! So, after hiring and firing numerous high-priced designers, and shrugging off much of their hard work, we finally decided on a snazzy design worthy of such a great product.

As you can see they look mighty fine if we do say so ourselves. And they look even better in the flesh, or IRL as the kids say these days.

We got 50 pairs of these badboys done up, and 47 have been sold already through the magic of facebook. So, 3 left. If you'd like a pair please don't hesitate to drop us a line ( and let us know. First come basis, and once they're gone they're goneski for good, nah mean?