Discomatin Edits Vol. 1

I'm by no means an expert on Parisian nightlife, but word on the street is the Discomatin crew put on parties in the city of light and love that are the stuff of legends. Discomatin Edits Vol. 1 is the gang's first foray into the wonderful world of vinyl, and if their spliced and diced reinterpretations are anything to go by, this is definitely my kind of party.

'Big Stuff' on the A1 is a cheeky peaktime disco stomper with some crazy cowbell action and a mad squelchy bassline. It's the kind of stuff that Al Kent does so well, cutting up and re-arranging dusty oldies without too much additional production or trickery. 'Sea & Skyline' is a bit less frantic and sounds so smoochy with its gentle guitar licks, slap bass and horns that if you told me this was lifted from the Love Boat I'd take your word for it. Cheeky? Oh yes. Good? Very much so. Flip over for 'Periferique Nord' for more class uptempo disco (those horns!) and 'Jolie Face', which sounds like the sonic equivalent of a pretty face indeed with its neat woodblock percussion, dramatic sax and French vocals. If you like Raphael Top Secret's reworks, you'll lap this up.

Can't find proper youtube vids (might make one if I find a moment next week) so you'll have to do with snips for now:

The first pressing sold out lightning fast and was going for crazy cash on Discogs, but the 'morning disco' lads kindly did the needful and pressed up a bunch more, so here's your chance to own a bit of proper sunshine on plastic.

Picc still have some, don't snooze!