DJSounds - Moving (DJSounds)

It may not be the most imaginative release in terms of branding, but DJSounds vol 2 is a rather fine bit of plastic. It's another one of those records that popped up in someone's chart and I hit play because, well, anything beats doing VAT returns, basically. A few minutes later I whipped out my card (which is seriously suffering from friction fatigue this year) and ordered this anonymous three-track affair pressed on transparent orange vinyl. Word on the street is Anaxander might be behind these, but the blue team hasn't verified said information yet so take that with a pinch of salt.

It's 'Moving' - which hogs the entire A-side - that immediately won me over, a lovely loopy midtempo smoocher that doesn't do all that much but boy do those dusty samples work well together. Killer stuff.

The pace gets picked up a little with 'Fragments', an easy on the ears percussive workout with punchy synth stabs and warm pads. Finally, there's Casa Suave, which pretty much follows the same recipe. The drums sound very familiar here (First Choice, I bet). While both tracks on the flip are nice enough, it's Moving that will have people prick up their ears and makes this worth picking up.

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