Kian T - Space Tapes EP (Big Bait)

German label Big Bait out of Karlsruhe has served up a delectable variety of choons over the years, catering to the digital jocks a little, but luckily a little more so to the wax collectors among us. Since its inception in 2009 label boss Peter Clamat has brought us releases with some pretty heavy hitters such as Glen Astro from Mone$ex fame, as well as a release with US house legend and Harmonie Park founder Rick Wade to boot. So, very nicely played so far Señor Clamat. 

Fast forward to now where the latest newcomer to the Big Bait family, a young Italian buck who's mom calls him Andrea Pedra, but he'll answer to Kian T (see what he did thurr?). He's a new name to us here at Sleazy Towers but his record is one to firmly place him on the sleazy power wall. The record is a fairly heads down lights out party, as it's slightly more moody and dark in tone than we're used to, but we always can find a time and place for these slightly beefier affairs, we'll just wax the curb a little more before playing it, nahmean.


'All Over It' is probably our fave of the bunch, with it's punchy poignant drums, off-kilter tambourine action and superwibbly synthlines, a joint that's decidedly perhaps a-la early Graef. After a delicious breakdown & climax the tune progresses nicely adding some brass horn action near the end to round things off, equating to a really nice bit of house action. 'Do Believe' on the flip is another decent sample based cut, but in all likelyhood it'll be the last tune 'Bb' I'll be heading for after 'All Over It', hinging itself on an old cut up soul sample laid over a punchy house groove. Lovely stuff!

Congrats Kian T on your maiden voyage for Big Bait - here's to many more...

Grab it here