Sorcerer - Nabu Network (Universal Cave)

If you've been following our ramblings on these pages, you should know by now we're quite partial to Adriatic/Balearic gear, but as with any kind of genre, 85% that gets released is total bunk, 10% is decent, 4% is great and 1% is exceptional.

While the picky bugger in me would file most tracks on Sorcerer's recent EP on Universal Cave under decent, 'Nabu Network' is one of those tracks that is truly exceptional. I keep finding myself walking over to my battered 1210 once I get to the last few bars of the track to drop the needle back at the start of the track. Is it the deep, phat drums from the merkin' producer that do the trick? The relatively straightforward but deft guitar lines, which he's showcased before on fine labels such as Tirk and Is It Balearic? The breezy, gentle, ever-so-slightly tropical vibe? The fabulous arrangement, that keeps things shifting and changing for the duration of the flight? It's obvious our man Sorcerer sprinkled some magic dust here (I'll get my coat now).

There's also a deep, heady and solid remix by Universal Cave with a hint of acid. Flip over for the wobbly Critical Situation and the pleasantly deep and wonky Rich Cat. But as Christopher Lambert so eloquently put it in Highlander, there can only be one, and the one is Nabu Network.

After a string of 45s, this is the first 12" on the label, and it looks like the imprint might be sticking to this format, as the follow-up by Dream Chimney's Beat Broker is also stretched out over twelve inches of plastic. (Coincidentally, that record is also pretty spectacular, give 'er a whirl).

Make sure to check out Sorcerer's soundcloud page, where the man shares an absolute wealth of killer (unreleased) bits for your listening pleasure.

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