Dorsi Plantar - Perfectly Normal Behaviour EP (Kyoku)

Kyoku Records is a young wax label set up by two strapping young Australian blokes. They've got impeccable taste in music as indicated by their artist choice for their maiden voyage back in June, Ethyene of Moonrise Hill Material fame (one of our favourite labels at the moment, they can do no wrong). The Ozzy label bosses have also chosen to use origami-themed label art for the releases as well, complete with label inners that display step-by-step instructions to make origami birds. Pretty top idea to make a face stand out in a crowd wethink, nay?

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago - and voila! Kyoku number two hits the shops - the 'Perfectly Normal Behaviour EP', a right corker of a record by Danish dynamite producer Dorsi Plantar, (aka Rune Weise Kofoed to his mom) with a remix by another member of the Danish dynamite team, none less than Paxton Fettel. The EP kicks off in the deep end of things with 'Tender', a lovely off kilter breakbeat-inspired house cut interspliced with chimes and intermittent filter action. Perfect for early evening warmup sets. Next up is 'Jass', a decidely more heavy hitting track centered around a male vocal snippet, tons of shakers, and guitar riffs. Deffo one for a packed and slightly inebriated dancefloor. Don't take our word for it below to have an audio gander at 'Tender' while you read on, dear reader.

On ze flip we're treated to 'Victory Lap' that squeezes in nicely between the two cuts on the A-side, a nice and punchy house tune with tight and snappy drums and morphed guitar samples, that effortlessly rolls on and perhaps will please those who have been into the slightly more filter house style chewns of late. Finally, Mr. Fettel does what he does best, flipping 'Jass' on it's back and delivering a massive cut-up version with re-vamped, perhaps more 'live' sounding drums. Amazing work as we've come to expect from Paxton.

All in all it's a ruddy good package, pick up a copy while you can - Juno has a few copies HERE. And be sure to keep an eye on Kyoku and Dorsi Plantar for more goodies to come in the near future.