Matthias Reiling & Hauke Freer - XK02

Session Victim's recording and DJing schedules are so hectic the two old friends rarely find time to work on solo projects. It's obvious though they both had a ball putting together the second release on their XK imprint (a reference to the Kreuz-Koln, where Oye Records - who are involved with the release - opened up a second shop a few years ago).

Matthias handles the A-side with a double serving: 'Hand of Hope' and 'Melodioso'. The former is the kind of shuffling, moody gear that Session Victim does so well, with some outstanding synth-lines to add some gravitas to the swinging hats and rubbery groove, while the latter rides a more laissez-faire vibe with crisp drums and clever, understated sampling. Both tracks are exceptionally tasty, have a listen to some snips below.

Hauke Freer is on B-side duties, taking Lenny Williams' percussive disco-meets-rockguitar stomper 'I Still Reach Out for You' to the scalpel to great effect. You might recognize the source material from a Super Value release from a few years ago (the 12th in the series by Riccio) but Hauke ditches most of the vocals and focusses on working that groove instead. Delightful stuff from two of the industry's most talented producers, only on 12" vinyl.

Get it at Oye before the general release and make your pals froth at the mouth with jealousy