Closed Paradise - You/Lotus (CPR-001)

I was chatting with France's Closed Paradise a good while ago when he mentioned he was sitting on two tracks that were really personal to him and needed a good home. That particular chinwag ended up with us sending over some info and links to mastering engineers, cutting studios and pressing plants, as Mathieu figured he might as well take the plunge and start his own label. I love it when ideas like that actually come into fruition and the mailman drops off a copy of the finished record a few months later. I've said it many times before, but one of the main reasons we've stuck to our vinyl-only policy is that we all spend way too much time behind a computer screen, relying on services that are stored in some abstract 'cloud'. Without going all 'Black Mirror' on you, there's something immensely satisfying about manufacturing records - actual, physical items you can show your gran.

The A-side of the record is reserved for 'You' and you'll only need to listen to a few bars to appreciate why this was such a personal tune for our French friend. It's a masterclass in the 'less is more' approach. Smooth drums and subtle intricate melody lines set the mood and little details and extra layers weave in and out. Instead of relying on big hooks and mad drops, it's one of those tracks that locks you in and lets you drift off in the most pleasant of ways without ever getting noodly or beardy. Best listened to in full from start to finish - but isn't that always the case with great music?

Flip over for B-side 'Lotus', a goddamn trip to planet house if I ever heard one. It's another clean, 'less is more' production, but Closed Paradise expertly arranges the parts and delivers the kind of delightfully hypnotising moody burner Ben La Desh is known for, with big rolling drums, lush pads, vocal snips and a badass breakdown. Immense.

Limited to 300 copies worldwide and exclusively out on vinyl, you know what to do. Drop Mat a message directly to get a copy straight from the source, or wait a few weeks until the distro starts feeding a few select shops. It's a big 'un.