Cuthead - Return Of The Sample Jesus (Uncanny Valley)

I'm the fourth new kid on the block that the dudes from Sleazy Beats Towers trust as one of their new editors. You may know me as Kian T, I make music, I'm passionate about synthesizers and wine and have been a staunch fan of the blog for a good while now.

Cuthead is back with a bang in the form of a new mini-LP on his own imprint Uncanny Valley called 'Return of the Sample Jesus'. The producer's hip-hop roots always shine through in his productions, sampling, carving up and blending many different styles to create something new. Sample Jesus wears his sound signature with pride. I love this type of mini-LP to death. While most of us are always on the hunt for dancefloor burners it's really nice to sink the needle on a collection of tracks that's more than the sum of its parts. The interludes really help the record flow and gel together. Plus it's Cuthead, so a comfy sofa and some red wine is in order.

Opening act “Real Estate” gets things going on a hip-hop tip with its rhodes sample and wonky bassline and drops you off at “Like”, the first 4/4 tune of the LP. Cuthead keeps the wonky saw bass going, drops some heavy percussion samples and goes in for the kill with an analogue lead brass melody.

The tempo drops again on “My Love For You”, a killer low-slung chugger, while “Harlem River Drive” offers deep raw house with a driving 909 and some tasty Rhodes chops. “Mitsubishi” rounds off the A-side, a nice nod to Jay Dee complete with Japanese vocals samples.

Flip over for “We All Fly”, my personal favourite of the records' beatsy/interlude tracks, that rubber saw bassline with the beat sample and vocals just kills me! "Deep In My Soul” brings up the heat again with dirty, deep as you like drums, and a killer vocal sample. Turn the lights down low again for the hazy beats of “Every Time”, or gently flick on the red lights for “Der Antanztrick”, a lo-fi drummachine groover with sweet strings and arpeggio samples that calms you down to the end of the adventure. What a journey... 

Still available at Juno, be quick!