LK - Party People (Shall Not Fade)

As my friend Lars mentioned in the last review, a few of us have assembled to form a new, all-star-like cast here at the Sleazy Beats blog. We look forward to introducing the crew as the posts go up! As for me, well, some of you might know me for my writing work at The Dance Party Chronicles and Bolting Bits. Anyway, enough of that. We've got an EP to review!

Leeds-based producer Jordan Saxton - perhaps better known for his (other) production alias, Viers - has employed the moniker LK to unleash some brilliant, moody, sample-tinged deep house music on the likes of Roots for Bloom, Quartet Series, Ruff Draft and Shall Not Fade (the latter as a repeat offender). Party People is the beatsmith's sophomore EP on Shall Not Fade's main run, after a quick detour of contributions to the imprint's white label, edit-leaning series. It's a nice follow-up to the critically acclaimed smasher of an EP in Keion, so let's take a gander.

The occasion begins with "Gettin Ready" in brighter mood territory. A soulful collection of smartly chopped and filtered samples are synthesized here for a funky, midtempo experience leaning towards the disco end of the spectrum. "Lunar", the A2 track, is perhaps the real show-stealer here. Irresistible percussion and a tasty, rolling low-end drive this nasty track's hypnotic rhythm, while smooth jazz-funk piano snippets polish off the cut. It's a truly masterful record, a "sleazy beat" of sorts, if I may, that wouldn't sound out of place on a Delusions of Grandeur release a la thatmanmonkz steez.

On the flipside of the record, "U Set My Body On Fire" drops the tempo and energy a bit. Brooding synths and whispering vocal samples establish a hazy mood for the cut. Finally, the title track, "Party People", appears. It's an eight-and-a-half minute long afrojazz groover, laced with a sultry bassline and congas and bongos galore. Though one's first inclination might be to use this mighty track as a warmup session groover or save it for an afterhours session, I could easily see this slipping in during the peak of a party to release some much needed tension and set off a loose frenzy on the dancefloor.

All in all, it's a tasty follow-up EP from LK. Here's to hoping he continues cranking these deep beats out.

The Party People EP is available now from the SNF store and an array of your favorite vinyl outlets, such as Juno.