New Franklin Theory - Overhill Road Variations (Outplay)

A new release on Fouk's Outplay is always something to look forward to, but their latest missive is cut from truly extraordinary cloth. At first glance it might seem Hans and Daniel are introducing a new name to the fold, but don't let your tinitus fool you, we're dealing with someone we know all too well. We've never been ones to spoil the fun though, so we'll let you figure out who is behind the handle on your own.

On to the music then: two different takes of the same track. Overhill Road Variation #1 is an uptempo swirly bumper of a tune that wouldn't have been out of place on a Mantis record, one of my favourite deephouse imprints back in the 90s that released incredible records by producers like Brooks and Atjazz. Flip over for Overhill Road Variation #2, a slightly slower rendition that lets the track breathe a little more. The drums on this puppy are insane, and it grooves like a proverbial bastard and comes with a generous serving of perfectly off-beat claps for which I'm a total sucker. Check out the track below:

It's Outplay's first foray into the wonderful world of 10" vinyl and comes with a lovely full-coloured sleeve designed by Hans' better half. To borrow the words of Gretchen Wiener: this is so fetch! 

Pick 'er up here