DJ Wave - Above The Clouds (Lobster Theremin)

So I know absolutely nothing about this DJ Wave chap (most likely a nom de guerre of some other producer I've never heard of either), absolutely don't care for the lo-fi house/techno business Lobster Theremin and it's affiliated offshoots are pushing, and could do without the A and B2 of this particular record, but DANG is this 'Above The Clouds' tune ever nice. A rubbery bassline, a fat kick, moody pads, some sparkling piano lines and presto: a chugging midtempo monster is born. It might not be peaktime club fodder, but it's perfect for warmup sets and would be a standout on any studio mix. Imagine sitting on a packed commuter train after slaving away for the man for 9 hours. It's dark outside, you're too tired to read so you throw on your headphones and close your eyes. Then this comes on, and all will be well with the world.

This came out last year but there's still a few doing the rounds, so hunt down a copy now before it's too late.

Listen/buy here