S&W - Dub Disco Presents S&W (Dub Disco)

The sophomore release on Aussteiger and Serj Nose's Dub Disco imprint landed on my doorstep today and it might even be better than the first one on the label, which was one of our favourite releases of 2016. Not sure I've ever heard of S&W, but they sure had me at hello: I instant fell for the magnificent laidback boogie vibe they got going on with 'Cashmere Green', which hogs the A-side of this nice and thick black pancake. Crisp Sasac-style drums set the pace, a square, ballsy bassline dictates the groove, while warm synth lines that squelch in all the right places set the mood. It's a glorious 7-minute ride of a tune, and the most captivating piece of dance music I've heard so far this year. Have a listen below.

There's two more bits on offer on the flip. 'Windup Bird' is a lovely bit of uptempo piano that wouldn't have been out of place on Drumpoet and 'Machine Love' is a trance-meets-boogie-meets-deephouse number of sorts, one for the wee hours. This one's all about Cashmere Green for me though. What a belter.

I've been expecting boogie to blow up for a few years now, and while people like Sasac, Benedek and Moon B are finally starting to get the props they deserve, boogie's dragonpunch to disco's chin just doesn't seem to be in the cards after all. And maybe it's better this way, a lovely nugget like this every once in a while, instead of a torrent of over compressed boogie by numbers, right?

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