Sleazy Peek: Roman Rauch - Boogie Trip (Secret Crunch)

Vienna based producers Moony Me and Roman Rauch joined forces to launch their own label, Secret Crunch, this past fall. The first EP, Bunch of Crunch, featured the fellas working in tandem on three co-produced tracks, a remix from Gnork, and a joint remix from Ishmael and Medlar. It was a tasty effort of a debut release, with the likes of "Astral Toddlers", "Dropless Music Has No Expiration Date" flexing them futuristic vibes with intelligent synth work, and my personal favorite, "Hausware" delighting ears with it's sweet chords and irresistible percussion.

The good news is there's a very short wait for their follow up EP, One Split Wonder, which sees Moony and Roman splitting sides of the EP with three tracks each. Today, we're here to do our first track premiere as a blog, referred to as a "Sleazy Peek" from this point forward. Our aim will be to give you a sneak preview of an upcoming release that fits this crew's ethos. Anyway, the song we've picked is Roman's "Boogie Trip", the A2 cut on the record.

"Boogie Trip" plunges into the deeper end of things. A brooding pad, groovy percussion, and sprinkled vocal samples pave the way for a percolating synth in the arrangement. It's certainly darker in mood and serves as a midtempo groover built for the heads. The track is an interesting compliment to the other two tracks on the RR side- "Don't You Try", which is more of a garage-influenced and rhodes-led slammer, and "Crunchy Skit", a 19-second long jazzy locked groove.

The MM side, on the other hand, starts things off with "Screwdriver", a surefire party starter lead by sample stabs, a big ass bassline and R&B vocals. For more on that, one check out the premiere from our pals at Bolting Bits. "Resignation" meanwhile is a delectable, soul-sampling hip-hop beat. The EP wraps things up with Moony's "Love Deserter", a super-warped piano-sampling cut that uses pitch-modulation and crooked drums to maximum effect.

We hope you've enjoyed the first entry into our "Sleazy Peeks" series. The One Split Wonder EP hits record stores later this month and is available for preorder at a few outlets.