Vandel - Inundación (Discos Nutabe)

Having followed Sleazy Beats for years now, both the blog and the label, I’m honoured to contribute some of my thoughts about the records I love. As most latin men, I’m called Juan, I make music as Lunate and release it on 100% Silk. Last October I was a participant at the Red Bull Music Academy, which took place in Montreal. I’m based in Bogotá and mostly jam on my synths accompanied by my cat and a fern.

For my first post I decided to review a record close to home. Colombian imprint Discos Nutabe has established itself as one of the finest purveyors of house music in the country. Their approach to releasing limited, vinyl-only runs of purely local music has become a source of empowerment for the local scene. 

They work slowly, releasing one record per year. Their third anniversary coincided with release number three of their catalog, this time by label owner Vandel. I've visited Vandel's studio and have DJed with him on several occasions; witnessing his clean and dreamy brand of house come to life is truly a pleasure. 

These days, the term "Deep House" is heavily overused, but when speaking about Vandel's music there is no better category. Across "Inundación" he masterfully navigates airy pads that morph and evolve, as if trying to dissolve, tying them back to earth with the constant pulse of his 707. This dialogue between space and rhythm shapes an EP of slowly evolving sparse instrumentals that wrap you in their atmosphere.

The stand out cut is slow-burning b-side "La Realidad es Utópica". The hats pull the whole track forward while a high-pitched synth line laments in a way that resembles Larry Heard's explorations in "Sceneries, Not Songs." I've been playing this record constantly since I got it, and it always delivers moments of introspection that tie dancers together. Essential.

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  1. Many thanks to you and all the new contributors to the Sleazybeats blog for the reviews of great vinyl.

    I was wondering if you are going to do a roundup of the best records of 2016? I would really appreciate it and I am sure that I am not alone.



    1. I found Sleazy Beats this time last year, doing exactly what Nick metioned. Think I wanted to find similar releases to those of the Move D Acausal remix off of Blind Jack's Journey. Would appreciate as well.

    2. Hi Nick! Our 'Best of 2016' should be up this weekend! Trying to coordinate contributions from three different continents is quite the challenge :-)

  2. Hi! Brilliant news! You have made my day! I can't stress enough how brilliant it is to be guided by your trusty selves to superb music that I would otherwise have been completely unaware of.

    I fully appreciate the challenge and appreciate more the effort you are all making for us vinyl junkies. :-)

    Many thanks!



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