Crackazat - Coffee Time (EUREKA!)

Over the last several years, Swedish producer Crackazat has solidified his position on the global house scene via his close-knit association with the Local Talk label, also based in Sweden. After a grip of EPs, one long-player, several remixes and one-offs for the imprint, it's hard to think of Crackazat and not include Local Talk in your ruminations. Despite all this, 2017 kicks of with the man doing just that; breaking molds and conceptions about himself and inaugurating (for us yankee's, there's been a lot of that going on around these parts) a new label with a lovely two-tracker in the form of "Coffee Time."

Enter, EUREKA!, an upstart label hailing from the land of the rising sun. With very little information on the world wide web concerning the lads responsible for this new institution, we can only hope that it's a sign of more to come. The presentation is lovely, from the natural, chip-board sleeve to the exquisite, watercolor fox painting on the logo side... the tunes aren't too shabby either!

On the A-side is the title track, "Coffee Time," a bouncy, sample based hip-shaker that leans heavily on layered, female vocals and a neo-soul refrain. A simple, low-pass filter introduces the opening groove while chunky percussion builds and chirpy synth flourishes pepper the arrangement. At the breakdown, we get the meat of the tune as an irresistible chant loops and loops before being joined by   a subby bassline and sax stabs. Utterly irresistible.

Flip it over for "Seven Steps," a jazz-fueled house romper that builds on catchy chord stabs and a rolling bass groove. Relentless rhythms carry undulating pads and willowy synths for the duration of the track before gently fading out with a cheeky sample reveal.

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