Huerta - LK Tapes (Let's Play House)

Welcome to February gang. It's not only the month of Abraham Lincoln's birth and seasonal affect disorder (SAD), it's also proving to be a smash for new releases. Plus, I suppose it's as good a time as any to make my Sleazy debut.

If you're like me, you're already over the cold weather and ready for more daylight hours. Enter this cheeky little four-tracker in the inbox from my pal, Huerta. It was almost like the dance gods were smiling down on me and heard my cries for warm vibes and margaritas.

As an L.A.-born, Berlin-based producer and instrumentalist, Steve Huerta is no stranger to bringing sunshine to those who need it. Since making his home in Europe, he's put out some truly solid EPs on Dirt Crew Recordings, Aus Music, Manucci's Mistress, and his own Amadeus Records. The latter he co-runs with fellow expat Urulu.

His first release on NYC's prominent Let's Play House, Huerta presents a beautiful soundscape fit for wearing headphones in bed or an early morning in the club. Look no further than the title track for an example. 'LK Tape Track' slowly winds itself into a groovy tango between floating synths and a chunky bassline that make you picture yourself rocking in a comfy chair on a porch, as a refreshing summer rain glides over the beach outside your door.

The B-side is rounded off nicely with a bit more bump n' grind. 'Damn Shame' starts with punchy drums, offset by a subtle, yet funky call-and-response between a vocal sample and filtered rhythm guitar. As the track glides to its zenith, those famous legato Rhodes keys we've come to love so much float along and carry the tune into the finish line. All in all, a great track for kicking the night into gear.

You can hear the other lead tracks in the EP previews below. 'Umbanda' and 'Lindos' are definitely deep cuts for the wee hours. Each have their own character, but nicely complement the aesthetic of the record as a whole. So go ahead. Press play, and treat yo' self to a warm cup of sunshine, courtesy of Mr. Huerta.

Here's an hour mix for good measure.

Wax heads snag a copy here.