Ponty Mython - House for Sale (Better Listen Records)

What if Better Listen Records continues (and I can reassure you they will) to release such tasty stuff? The DC-based label's second missive is another sure shot. Only two releases in, and the imprint already made a lasting impression. 

Back in 2012, Ponty Mython released hs first record as part of a wave of new and exciting Russian producers, laying out the groundwork for his own branch of glitterball-infused, grainy house. After a smattering of releases on the likes of Dirt Crew and Quintessentials, Ponty Mython lands on BLR with an uncompromising 5-tracker, flecked with the kind of dancefloor intelligence I personally like so much: heavy disco-funk samples and properly crafted beats that won’t allow you to waste time at the bar.

Let’s start with A1, “Checkmate”, which goes straight for the hips with a solid groove. The syncopated piano blends seamlessly with the bass sample and grabs you from the get-go. Some fine vocal work and marimbas in the second half make for one mean bastard of a track. 

"Ekuseni” (my personal fav) is up next, bringing the heat on the bass and dusty afro-woodsticks. Gliding chords gently steer us towards the break before restoring the raw yet warm groove.

Flip the wax, and title track “House for Sale” gets the B-side going. A classic conga loop builds towards the main sample, which lets Ponty’s knack for elegant, soft and smooth discogrooves really shine through. 

Meanwhile, “Breakchu” and “Bazarr” are both heavy vintage-stomp-pedal-middy-peavey-funk flavored. I love the funky vocal of the latter that breaks JB-stylee, and the trumpets make me keep smiling while bouncing my head like a maniac. The former is equally mint, with funky guitars that make you just want to drop the needle back down and start again.

Woah. Like I said at the very start, I caught the BLR-bug in a bad way, and believe you me, the label is set to release some proper, proper gear for our dirrrty pleasure.

Grab a copy fast at Juno.co.uk, and Deejay.de should have some left as well