Sleazy Peek: Dorsi Plantar - Babesonite (Better Listen Records)

Oh Better Listen Records, you beautiful bastards. Born out of Washington DC, this new label slung itself into the game in December with a masterful 001 from The Last Trip To Gandahar - a scrumptious EP that is still yet to leave the decks. Since then, equally hit-repeat-able follow ups from Ponty Mython and Cody Currie have pricked everyone's ears, ensuring that BLR tops mine and many others' 'labels to watch' list.

So far, the A&R for Better Listen has been nothing short of sublime. The track selection thoughout the first three EP's tied them together perfectly and already these releases have a certain 'sound' to them that you recognise straight away. The 4th disc is set to be no different with Dorsi Plantar taking the reins, the Danish artist who's debut on Kyoku last year left us wanting much more.

Well here we have it, the Everlast EP, and we have the absolute pleasure of Peeking the wonderful B2, 'Babesonite'. Hit play and enjoy.

How this track manages to be both moody and uplifting at the same time, I'm not quite sure. We're teased into the first minute with a hypnotising synth before the stuttering percussion leads us right into the path of the foot-tap-enducing low end. Before long we're met by a strings line that picks us up and carries us blissfully through to the end - tailor made for summer evenings, this one.

A great round off to another top release from BLR. Expect to see much more from them this year - they've got three more exciting EP's to bless us with before the end of the summer and I'm sure you'll be dancing away to this one a few times before then.

Out mid-May and available at all your good record shops.